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We are an energetic and dynamic company which specializes in selling premium traffic on local, national and international level. We provide quality traffic for all verticals with over 1 billion traffic WW.

Ad formats: pops, banners, interstitial ads, native ads, Video, Mobile Web & In-app

For Video We have high volumes of traffic Vast, Optimatic, beachfront, vertamedia, springserve, beachfront tags.

We are partnered with 50K publishers, focused on pounder/display traffic WORLDWIDE.

Performance Advertising at Scale

  • Reach 750+ Millions of Mobile Web, In-App and Desktop Users Worldwide. Run Display, Video, Native & Pop Ads. Convert your campaign optimization expertise into automation scenarios.Instant access to 50+ Ad Networks and SSPs. Advanced targeting: OS, Devices, Countries, Regions, Cities, Carriers, Publishers, Sites, Apps, Placements, IP ranges, User agents, Dayparts, Audience and Contextual Segments, Retargeting.Fast ads approval, Built-in fraud prevention and safety filters, Conversion and ROI tracking, Rule-based Optimization Engine

Media1ads Self Serve can be used by

  •                                                                                        Affiliates Marketers who promote different offers or arbitrage they monetize.

  •                                                                                               Advertisers who look for quality and conversion for their landing page.

  •                                                                        Advertisers that need user’s engagement with their website, like time on site, page views and actions.

  •                                                                                                             Media Buyers such as ad-networks and agencies.

Traffic Types

Run Display, Video, Native & Pop Ads. Convert your campaign optimization expertise into automation scenarios. Increase conversion rate for offers on CPA/CPI/CPL, yet the traffic is sold on CPM/CPC basis.Our Programmatic buying technology provides most accurate results to advertisers in a few clicks. You get access to best, unique and safe traffic sources in volumes. With a significant reduce of the ad spend.

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Our Supply Partners

Our platform is connected to all major SSPs, publishers and ad exchanges. So it means that we can always provide you with reach and audiences no matter what your requirements are.